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Seafood is a culinary delight. From east to west across the world, seafood preparation and consumption is considered a delicacy. Almost all nations have communities with love for seafood and ecstasy of pronouncing a dish as a pure art form. Since seafood can range from squids to prawns to fishes, retaining the perfect texture and taste is truly challenging and needs to be handled with care.

Phosphate and Non-Phosphate blends are known as MRAs (Moisture Retention Agents) for use in seafood processing industry. Fresh seafood with high nutritional value has a limited shelf life, which can be extended by cold storage. However, the use of MRAs can help in providing improved benefits in seafood processing

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    • Enables retention of moisture
    • Restores natural water-binding properties of fish and seafood proteins
    • Preserves colour, texture and flavour
    • Enables preservation of nutrients
    • Reduces loss during processing and thawing
    • Prevents microbiological spoilage
    Retention of Moisture

    Frozen seafood lose water more rapidly than meat and poultry foods. Treatment with MRAs can help significantly in retention of moisture for long durations of time, thus maintaining the freshness and juiciness of the seafood.

    Retention of texture and flavour

    Treatment with MRAs can prevent the oxidation and improve the buffering capacity of the meat that would preserve the true flavour and glossy blue white texture of seafood.

    Preservation of Nutrients

    The quick loss of moisture from seafood causes essential nutrients to denature rapidly during cold storage. MRAs can extend the shelf life of seafood, thereby, preserving the essential nutrients present in seafood.


    Pearl is specially formulated for fish fillets, surimi, cuttlefish squid and octopus, shrimps, sea scallops.

    Fish Fillets

    Dipping the fish fillets in a 5 - 10% solution of a variant of Pearl - P12 produces a surface coating of dissolved proteins which helps retain the natural juices of the fish, and helps lock in the flavour. In addition, the thaw-drip loss of the frozen fillets will be reduced. Firmer bodied species can be treated by injection and tumbling.


    Surimi is produced by mincing finfish meat and then refined by a number of different washes. Our pearl range of phosphate blends can act as a cryo-protectant to prevent protein denaturation on storage of Surimis.


    Our pearl range of products have moisture restoring agents and bleaching agents for treatment of skin on and skinless  cephalopods like cuttlefish squid and octopus. These high quality products are specially developed to improve the texturizing effects by increasing water absorption and retention capacity and optimizing industrial handling as well as texture color and quality of raw and cooked cephalopods.


    Treatment of shrimp with our pearl® range of functional ingredients reduces the thaw-drip loss when frozen. Treatment of POTO, HLSO and butterfly shrimp prior to cooking increases retention of natural juices, and reduces the cook-cool loss. Our pearl® range of products can also help prevent melanosis in HOSO. Good texture and shape, no yellow color in cold storage

    Sea Scallops

    Sea scallops do not survive for long after being taken out of the water, and are usually chilled on the boat itself to prevent spoilage. Our pearl range of phosphates can be used in scallops to extend their shelf life. Pearl would also help scallops to retain more moisture and stop from shrinking.